Abracadabra Wedding Videographer
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Thank you for making such a great wedding DVD! Now we will forever have a visual memory of our wedding day!
Joy and Mike

You did an excellent job! You didn't bother us at all! We'll definitely recommend you guys!
Amanda & Barrie

We love you both. You captured every part of our wedding, even the funny bits, and we love it.. the highlights were amazing,
and seeing my Mother & Father crying watching it made us all cry. Thank you soooooo much.
Maggie & George

Very impressive wedding video! I loved the switching back and forth between me and Chris in the pre ceremony parts. I loved the
photo montage as well. Thank you so much.
Milly & John

We loved it! The video was better than we imagined. Marcus initially didn't want to spend the money but after seeing the video he
was very glad we did. Capturing Marcus with his gran, who then passed away a few days after the wedding. Thank you again.
Caroline & Marcus

Abracadabra made preparing for our video easy.
The process was seamless. They were willing to customize package to suit our needs. And the end results we fantastic
Holly Mackenzie

I just cry [happy tears] every time. I can't stop watching my video. I love all of the shots. You found things to put on DVD that I never
saw the whole day. I'm so glad that you were there! My wedding video was very  professional done .
Tina & Byron

Just wanted to thank-you for your patience and professional way you conducted everything. Everything appeared to go so well and
you and your wife was fantastic.
Mr & Mrs Kerr

Wow......... Fantastic filming, you captured all the special moments between my Father and I. We never even saw you both. Thanks
once again.  Kind Regards
Denise & John

What a wonderful memory we have of our special day. We never saw you, even the vicar said afterwards he never noticed you at
the ceremony. All the family have watched the DVD's and love them. Thank you.
Mr & Mrs Mackenzie

Ace, ace, ace.....
Thanks so much we both loved the DVD. Loved the music choice and quirky bits too.
The end titles were great, the guest bits funny too...what is my Mum like crying.
Thanks again so glad we chose you both. Best wishes.
Jill & Neil Forrester